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Positive Parenting

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Coaching Yourself tos Success

Embracing Change in an Ever Changing World

Emotional Wellness Series

Letting Go of Anger

Create Balance and Relieve Anxiety

Retrain Your Brain for Success

Positive Change at the Workplace

Dealing with Negative People

Positive Psychology - A Path to Lasting Happiness

From Positivity to Production


Living Your Best Life – Making a Smooth Transition into Your Second Half
It’s a new and exciting chapter of your life. It’s natural to feel unsure about your next steps in life? Where do I fit in? What do I do next? This workshop will help women take their next steps into their second half of life. In this workshop you will learn:
What changes we go through.
What to expect during your mid-life transition.
Living your dreams by getting back in touch with your old passions.
Health and wellness tips to help you feel your best both physically and mentally. Top

Embracing Change in an Ever Changing WorldLoss and change are inevitable. Dealing with these losses and changes can be the most difficult times in our lives. Whether it is the death of a spouse, friend, or family member; moving to a new city; retiring from your job; downsizing—the stress and subsequent grief are challenging. In this workshop we will discuss reactions to grief and recognizing the damaging effect of unresolved grief; strategies for grieving effectively and how to support family members and friends who are grieving. Diane will use techniques from Positive Psychology and Elizabeth Kubler Ross’s stages of grief.

Letting Go of Anger
In this workshop you will learn:
         • Recognize your anger – the different sources of anger and types of anger
         • Triggers – what triggers your anger
         • Understand your anger
         • The consequences of anger both physically and emotionally
         • Tips on letting go of unresolved anger – including relaxation techniques and more Top

Create Balance and Relieve Anxiety
This workshop is designed to help create a balanced lifestyle by relieving stress and anxiety.
         • Learn the signs of “Burnout”
         • Learn the impact of stress and anxiety on your body
         • Learn ways to simplify your life
         • Learn techniques/tips that can help you feel less stressed and more balanced
         • Learn ways to feel more empowered and motivated
         • This workshop will help educate you on what really makes us happy Top

The Positive Parent
We all want to be the best parents we could be but how? Using Positive Psychology as its foundation, we can raise our kids to be more optimistic and happier. Learn what traits can be learned? What should you be teaching your child? What types of environment nurtures a child towards a positive life style? What does a positive childhood develop into? Is it possible for a child to have an optimistic outlook on life? Are you a positive role model? Top

Retrain Your Brain for Success – The Power of Positive Thinking
Re-train the brain to positive. Change your thoughts, change your actions
Even when things are going good we tend to have that negative tape running in the back of our head. It's easier to stay in your comfort zone but eventually that will lead to feeling stale and stagnate. It is possible to change your old behaviors and thoughts, this class will teach you how. You will leave with the tools to make changes and feel empowered To

Positive Change at the Workplace
Want to make your professional life better? Feel unsettled and overwhelmed at work? Need to make a change for the better but not sure how?
This workshop will teach you how to make constructive changes at the workplace and in your personal life. You will learn ways to make changes in all aspects of your life, which will improve your outlook and affect everyone around you in a positive manner. Happy people are healthier, more productive, creative and successful. In this workshop you will learn:
         • Ways to be more creative and motivated at work.
         • Learn to identify negativity and how it affects everyone around you.
         • Learn the personality traits that lead to unbalance, stress and anxiety.
         • Learn ways to be more positive and resilient
         • Learn new ways of thinking and behaving that will mak.e your life happier. Top

Living a Mindful Life
Mindfulness is a mind-body approach to life that helps people relate differently to experiences. It involves paying attention to thoughts and feelings in a way that increases our ability to manage difficult situations and make wise choices. Learn how to experience life with a mindful approach to reduce stress and enjoy a happier life. Top

Dealing with Negative People –Steps to Positive Change
We all have people who push our buttons, drain our energy and take us off track. From co-workers to neighbors, friends and family members. Difficult people can be found anywhere. These types of people can create situations that cause us to feel frustrated, drained, fatigued and unhappy.
In this workshop you will learn:
         • Tips to deal with difficult people
         • Different communication techniques that you can use to effectively handle negative/difficult people
         • What is a toxic relationship and how to emotionally detox
         • Why people are so negative.
         • The consequences of too much negativity in your life.

Coaching Yourself to Success
Are you ready to live your best life? To feel a sense of happiness and purpose in life? Whatever your goals/dreams are, this workshop will teach you the right questions to ask yourself. Questions are powerful tools and the cornerstone of coaching. It helps us to learn why we made our past choices, who we are today and where we are heading. Questions open us up into further self-exploration and lead to powerful insights.  Asking yourself the right questions can push us into new possibilities and opportunities. It can lead to finding happiness and success in both your personal and professional life.Top

We will discuss
         • Methods for controlling and changing our thoughts to become an optimist
         • Necessary steps to creating balance in our lives
         • Learn how to deal with pessimistic people and negative situations
         • Learn how to break negative patterns of thinking that are self-defeating
         • Learn tips to live mindfully

Positive Psychology for Clinical Practice
This workshop will explore the rapidly growing and exciting field of Positive Psychology. In the past we have focused on what is wrong and not working in our lives. Positive Psychology is the scientific study of
well-being and optimal functioning. It is a strength-based approach to mental health which uses coaching as a process. This practical science can be applied to help people increase their well-being, build resiliency, learn their strengths and enhance their overall life satisfaction. Positive Psychology interventions can help clients alleviate and prevent mild to moderate depression and help people bounce back from adversity and feel happier. Teaching happiness skills to clients will improve their physical and emotional health. Our own personal happiness is a vital key to how effective we are as clinicians and health care practitioners. We know that happiness is also one of the most effective health interventions.
Clinicians and healthcare practitioners will learn techniques that will be a useful addition to their practices and support their own well-being. Top

Emotional Wellness Series
Being emotionally well is more than just handling stress. It also involves being attentive to your thoughts, feelings and behaviors whether positive or negative.

Stress Less & Savor More
Stressed? Worried? Anxious? Tired? Sleepless? Join us for an impactful 3-part mindfulness session. Being emotionally well is more than just handling stress. It also involves being attentive to your thoughts, feelings and behaviors whether positive or negative.
In the session you will learn the following techniques on how to stress less and savor more:
         • Ways to cope effectively with stress, retrain thoughts from negative to positive & manage anger 
         • Chair yoga exercises focusing on reliving stress and tension in the body
         • Guided meditation including breathing and concentration techniques

*This workshop is taught by Dawn Lorentz & Diane Lang Top

From Positivity to Productivity

Motivating Your Employees to Work Hard and Be Hhappy at Work

Motivating employees isn't just about giving raises. Believe it or not money is not the best motivator. But what is? Join us for the "Motivating Your Employees" workshop to find out the best ways to motivate employees and keep them happy in the workplace.
We all want our employees to be loyal, professional and hardworking, to be their best every day. If we treat our employees well this can go a long way and help them to be motivated and hardworking which will improve absenteeism, productivity and turnover rates.
Everyone can motivate their employees—whether you’re a small business owner that can't afford many perks such as job sharing or big bonuses or a mid-size to large company—there are many ways to motivate your employees to work hard and be happy at work.

When you leave this workshop, you will know how to:
         • Motivate employees without money
         • Make employees happy and loyal at the workplace
         • Lower absenteeism and turnover rates
         • Empower your employees

Navigating the New Normal Top

Self-Care Top

Turning Setbacks into Advantages Top

What Kind of Smart Are You? Top


As a mother of two I find my patience and temper challenged daily. Diane's Positive Parent Workshop was an eye-opener! She really helped change my perception of myself as a mom and allowed me to adjust my attitude. She provides the proper tools and mind set in order for us to be a better positive parents. She reminds us that our children will do what we do. After attending Diane's workshop, I am able to reflect on my own actions/reactions to the children and adjust my behavior in front of my children. Diane has such a compassionate personality and wealth of experience and knowledge in this area; my household is happier because of Diane's teachings. Thank you!"

Stephanie Huang, Woodcliff Lake, NJ
Testimonial of Diane Lang's Positive Parent Workshop
"Diane’s course is a great first step for mother’s wanting to reenter the workforce. She assessed each individual in her class, and gave concrete suggestions on how they should move forward. The biggest take away was that you should talk to everyone you know about your plans, because you never know who might be in a position to help you. I did just that, and within six months of taking Diane’s class I am gainfully employed. Being a mother is the most important job in the world, but, taking a hiatus to care for your children doesn't make you unemployable in today’s workforce."

Attended Baby Steps the Path from Motherhood to Career at the Enrichment Center, Scotch Plains, NJ
"Diane Lang has visited the Jefferson Library on two occasions, to speak on "Baby Steps: the path from Motherhood to Career" and "The Positive Parent." Diane has the unique ability to impart a great deal of information in an accessible, understandable and entertaining way. Because of Diane's ability to inspire her audience, participants at these workshops have expressed determination to put some of her ideas into practice. Her workshops are perfectly geared to her audience, offering practical suggestions that real people can use in their daily lives."

Christine O'Brien, B.A., M.L.S.
Senior Librarian, Jefferson Township Public Library
"Diane did an awesome "user-friendly" workshop for our Mom's group last year. It was geared directly to the group and was extremely informative for all of us. She has a extensive amount of information to share in a very professional manner but very easy for Moms to relate to!"

Beth O, Mom of two
Attended Baby Steps the Path from Motherhood to career, Rockaway, NJ Top

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